Surety & Fidelty Bonds

Pennbrook Legal Document Assistant Bond Program

Fidelity bonds, surety bonds, license and permit bonds
LDA application Two-year $25,000 limit / $450 for two-year premium
Please complete LDA application. Fax to (415) 394-8332 or e-mail to


“Learn the steps to becoming a California Legal Document Assistant”

Commercial Surety: A “surety company” guarantees that a “principal,” a business or individual, will carry out an obligation to a third party, an “oblige.”



Commercial Fidelity: Coverage that guarantees the insurance company will pay the insured business or individual for the money or property lost because of dishonest acts of the bonded party.



Forms and Applications:

Legal Document Assistant Bond:


Bid / Performance / Payment or Completion Bond:


Immigration Consultant Bond:


Contractors License Bond:


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