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Association Board of Directors

$1 Million of Building & $2 Million of Liability Coverage!!

Could Be as Low as Premiums as Low as $2,500 per Year!!

Call, email, or fax, and we promise to match or beat your current insurer’s premium with the same coverage or a $15 Amazon Gift Card is yours.

Pennbrook’s 2 simple steps to purchase condo association insurance:

1) We go over the below simple condo building questions with you:

        • The year building was built
        • The year the heating system and the electrical system were updated
        • The current building insurance value
        • What’s the current deductible / retention level
        • Do the bylaws of the association require directors & officers insurance

2) We review every individual condo owners’ condo HO-6 policyor we help them get one with a very reasonable premium:

Every condo owner needs a condo insurance policy. This policy provides personal property and liability protection. The personal property covers your clothes, bicycles, electronics, kitchen equipment and the liability is protection in case someone hurts themselves while inside your unit.
Plus: A CertifiedRisk Manager Will Inspect Your Condo Building.

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Clifford Wiens ARM, ERM

   415-820-2213: Work Phone / 415-394-8332: fax


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